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The Spurgeon thru the Scriptures Series

The Spurgeon thru the Scriptures series is an effort to make the Prince of Preacher’s sermons a bit more approachable for the average reader. The aim is to reorganize all of Charles Spurgeon’s 3,535 sermons from his massive 63 volume Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons set into canonical order. This way an average reader is able to gradually wade into the indefatigable preacher’s work, and can begin with any Scripture they choose.

The language of the volumes has also been lightly updated, replacing the deeply archaic words with a more modern rendering…

The Princess and the Goblin and Curdie George Macdonald

Considered the ‘Grandfather of the Inklings,’ and hailed by C.S. Lewis as the ‘Master of the Fairytale,’ Macdonald was the forerunner of modern fantasy. This particularly rings true in these, his two most majestic fantasy tales. These tales were some of Lewis and Tolkien’s foundational works, from which they were inspired to write their own epics. Bound together now in this handsome duology are the charming ‘The Princess and the Goblin,’ and it’s classic sequel ‘The Princess and Curdie.’ Two of the most iconic fantasy adventures of all time!…

On Heaven, Hell, Angels, Grace, Happiness, and the Triune God. Jonathan Edwards

This is a forthcoming volume.