The Family Expositor

Philip Doddridge

Philip Doddridge’s Family Expositor is largely a forgotten Puritan style 18th Century study Bible and devotional on the New Testament. In fact, this was a very favorite book of Jonathan Edwards.

Doddridge first gives us in this volume a glorious, and eminently readable translation of the New Testament in the vernacular of his day. Within his translation Doddridge works his own comments into the text and in classic Puritan fashion – gives his exposition. Doddridge also provides insightful notes on the Greek text throughout the work. And finally Doddridge provides rich Puritan style devotional content for each section (pericope) of the entire New Testament.

This book was the first ever published here at Stumblingstone Press. We rank this as one of the most soul enriching works to read alongside the New Testament Scriptures ever written.

Volume I: The Gospel Harmony & Acts

Volume II: Romans – Revelation

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