The Princess and the Goblin and Curdie: A Lady of the Silver Moon Duology

George Macdonald

Considered the ‘Grandfather of the Inklings,’ and hailed by C.S. Lewis as the ‘Master of the Fairytale,’ Macdonald was the forerunner of modern fantasy. This particularly rings true in these, his two most majestic fantasy tales. These tales were some of Lewis and Tolkien’s foundational works, from which they were inspired to write their own epics. Bound together now in this handsome duology are the charming ‘The Princess and the Goblin,’ and it’s classic sequel ‘The Princess and Curdie.’ Two of the most iconic fantasy adventures of all time!

Care has been taken in this volume to present these works with the typographical elegance they deserve. Complete with drop caps, ornamental chapter headings, verse set apart from prose, and a rich rustic font, this volume is designed for delightful reading, and is one we hope Macdonald himself is smiling down on.

Guided by the ageless Lady of the Silver Moon, join the Princess Irene, Curdie the Miner, and his hideous companion, on their quests to save the kingdom from the mysterious terror under the mountain, and also from treachery within the very palace walls…



Table of Contents


1. Why the Princess has a Story About Her

2. The Princess Loses Herself

3. The Princess and, We Shall See Who…

4. What the Nurse Thought of It

5. The Princess Lets Well Alone

6. The Little Miner

7. The Mines

8. The Goblins

9. The Hall of the Goblin Palace

10. The Princess’s King Papa

11. The Old Lady’s Bedroom

12. A Short Chapter About Curdie

13. The Cobs’ Creatures

14. That Night Week

15. Woven and then Spun

16. The Ring

17. Spring Time

18. Curdie’s Clue

19. Goblin Counsels

20. Irene’s Clue

21. The Escape

22. The Old Lady and Curdie

23. Curdie and His Mother

24. Irene Behaves like a Princess

25. Curdie Comes to Grief

26. The Goblin-Miners

27. The Goblins in the King’s House

28. Curdie’s Guide

29. Masonwork

30. The King and the Kiss

31. Subterranean Waters

32. The Last Chapter of the First Part


1. The Mountain

2. The White Pigeon

3. The Mistress of the Silver Moon

4. Curdie’s Father and Mother

5. The Miners

6. The Emerald

7. What’s in a Name?

8. Curdie’s Mission

9. Hands

10. The Heath

11. Lina

12. More Creatures

13. The Baker’s Wife

14. The Dogs of Gwyntystorm

15. Derba and Barbara

16. The Mattock

17. The Wine Cellar

18. The King’s Kitchen

19. The King’s Chamber

20. Counter-Plotting

21. The Loaf

22. The Lord Chamberlain

23. Dr. Kelman

24. The Prophecy

25. The Avengers

26. The Vengeance

27. More Vengeance

28. The Preacher

29. Barbara

30. Peter

31. The Sacrifice

32. The King’s Army

33. The Battle

34. Judgment

35. The End